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Kerry's Make it Happen Makeover

April 27, 2015  •  8 Comments
This International Women's Day, I decided to offer a complementary Makeover Portrait Session to one inspirational Woman. I asked my Facebook clients to nominate a friend or family member who inspires them and tell everyone why they are so inspirational. The nominations were amazing and it was a great pleasure to read all the motivational comments...
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Face of an Angel

April 23, 2015  •  2 Comments
One of my regular Clients is Child Talent Agency and Management company Alphabet Kidz, each month I get to photograph portfolio updates for the talents on their books. The "Kidz" I photograph range from 4 to 18 and its an absolute pleasure. I love being able to offer this service and I even get to watch the children's careers develop. Many are ver...
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Boys can do Boudoir too!

April 11, 2015  •  1 Comment
Boys can do Boudoir too! Over the past few years more and more ladies have bared all an braved their Boudoir portrait session to capture their sensual side and create beautiful works of art for themselves in the process. The quality of Boudoir photography for ladies is getting so good these days the boys are starting to get jealous! It may come...
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Hazel's Portfolio Update

April 08, 2015  •  2 Comments
Hazel's Portfolio Update As with any occupation some days go a little better than others, and being a photographer is no different, we have good days at the office and not so good. Luckily most of my days at work are great and some sessions you seem to enjoy more than others for one reason or another. I recently had a portfolio update session wit...
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Hayden's 1st Birthday

April 04, 2015  •  1 Comment
Hayden's 1st birthday Portrait Session Since my first photography job in 2004 and I have even had the pleasure of photographing thousands of children, some even from bumps in the belly through their childhood. It's an amazingly rewarding part of my job, especially when I get to see some children grow up and capture it for their parents year after...
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The Great Retouching Debate

March 11, 2015  •  1 Comment
My name is Terri Lee-Shield and I am a professional retoucher! It seems retouching seems to be a bad word in the photography world at the moment. There is a lot of talk about SOC (straight off camera) images and it seems the consensus is that being able to present a client an image unedited makes you a better photographer. Since I have just conf...
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Time Travelling

February 23, 2015  •  1 Comment
Time Travelling My boyfriend is really into space exploration, physics and the universe, he loves learning about theories of time and space and we sit through hours of documentaries that are trying to teach us about things we find very difficult to comprehend! Watching all these documentaries and learning about all these different theories of wha...
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Losing My Photography Blog Virginity

February 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Hi! This is a little strange, i'm going to be honest, I'm talking to someone, but I don't know who? And you don't know me at all so why would you want to read my photography blog? Although I it's a little strange talking about myself I would like to share my photography work and also my ideas and even (dare I say it) experience with you and s inc...
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