Time Travelling

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Time Travelling

My boyfriend is really into space exploration, physics and the universe, he loves learning about theories of time and space and we sit through hours of documentaries that are trying to teach us about things we find very difficult to comprehend! 

Watching all these documentaries and learning about all these different theories of what the universe is and how time works my brain tries to understand them using things i know, and for me one of those ways is relating things to Photography, something I know pretty well. 

Some of these theories actually blow my mind and I can't really understand them yet... but others I can seem to grasp using my knowledge and relating this to photography. 

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about time travel and a theory I heard about how time travel is relevant to how we perceive it, and how stock motion photography has allowed us to see the world at different rates and see things (like plants growing or stars moving) in our time frame, at our viewing speed, so we can see they exist just as we do but just at a much slower time frame than us. And the same theory applies to if you speed up a moving image or stock motion of our society, the only image you see is the image of the buildings slowly changing, we can appreciate it's existence. 

.... and something totally unrelated but eventually connected....

​I also watched a Ted Talk by Carl Honore about how our society is obsessed with speed and a new movement has emerged to encourage people to slow down. It started me thinking about why photography is so important to us these days. We all spend so much time doing "things" working and keeping busy, being able to literally stop time for a moment is a relief, and I think a photograph does that. 

...and it hit me!


Let me explain. I Love Photography and one of the reasons I love it is because I can capture a moment in time, a specific instant, expression, mood or feeling, look and ultimately image that has never existed before and never will again. The magic is that somehow my camera and I managed to capture it and keep it forever... it become a constant, something that can expand time. A photograph can survive longer than we can and now with the digital age can live forever (or at least as long as computer and the internet do!) so therefore an image can travel through time.

Perhaps I sound mad, but it is the best way I can explain the magic that is photography and why I enjoy so much being a photographer. I may not be the tool that can create this magic (my camera) but I hopefully I can be a really good magician, to capture and deliver the magic with style and hopefully in the future someone can experience that same moment again with me... That thought is pretty exciting!

IMG_6370Travelling through time :)My Sister and I posing with our new beautiful summer sun hats!

So using that thought I decided to do a bit of time travelling and found some great old pictures that really cheered me up. Here's one that made me chuckle!


I'm not sure why I decided to post today about this idea I've been having but I hope it maybe encourages you to time travel for a while and look through some old pictures today, it might make you smile :)


Terri x




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