Losing My Photography Blog Virginity

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This is a little strange, i'm going to be honest, I'm talking to someone, but I don't know who? And you don't know me at all so why would you want to read my photography blog?

Although I it's a little strange talking about myself I would like to share my photography work and also my ideas and even (dare I say it) experience with you  and since it's only polite when being introduced to someone new, I will tell you a bit about myself and then you can decide if you're interested in what I have to say :)

My Professional Introduction...

I grew up in Consett in County Durham and decided aged 12 after a careers interview I was going to be a Graphic Designer and live in London. I managed to graduate from a Surrey Art Institute at 20 as a Graphic Designer and set out becoming a Photographer :)

I worked in a couple of portraits studios for 3 years, training and learning studio lighting by photographing hundreds of people. I decided to move into Freelance Photography after a few years so I could combine my Graphic Design training with my Photography and It went pretty well :) 

I opened a studio base in South London and I photographed mainly editorial, fashion, beauty and commercial work exploring my strengths and style, working with some really talented creative people along the way. Alongside my commercial work I have always photographed portraits of families and children too, it's too much fun not too.  

In 2010 I was offered an amazing opportunity to work and photograph in the Phillippines where I stayed for 2 months before living and working in Bangkok for a month and coming back to London. It was a life changing experience for me, and as remembering this place always inspires me I will share a favourite picture from Cebu with you which was my view from my desk at work. 

The ViewThe view from my office in Mactan, Cebu... this view changed my life!


Three years ago I gave up the bright lights of London and moved back to Consett looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, and I love it being back home (which I never thought I would say in my London days!) but the peace and landscapes here are inspiring and I still manage work in London regularly so I don't miss it too much. 


So what now...

Now i'm 31 and have been a Photographer for 10 years! I think i've managed to figure out what I'm doing so I've opened a studio in Consett. It happened in a magical chain of events involving a Loch, some Cullen Skink and a series of significant conversations (which I might share in more detail another day). I started the studio in December 2014 and have spent 2 months making improvements... This stage is finished and I've started photographing clients there. 


My Personal Introduction...

Being a "private" person this seems the hard part, but really i'm not that private at all when I meet you I'm just a bit shy over the internet :)

I don't class my photography as "work" but it is how I make a living and i'm very grateful thats the case! Sometimes having to do the books and admin and I feel the burn :S I LOVE being a photographer and all the experiences I have and people I meet. 

When I'm not "working" I do a bit of walking or driving around the area and taking in the landscapes, I adore the beautiful sunsets Consett has. I try to make time to home cook and my nutrition is important to me, although it's all about balance isn't it ;) a little bit of cake can't hurt. Lately I have started painting and I find it really relaxing, I'd recommend it if you're that way inclined and I have also been learning a lot about gardening due to my lovely, but large, garden and it turns out that it's fun, and actually exciting at times (I am 31 and not retired I promise).  

Twice a week I volunteer as a trainee spiritual healer and I am completing a H1 training course involving 15,000 words! (I can explain this later too). I also volunteer as part of the management committee at Blackhill Club three times a week, you'll find me selling Bingo tickets on a Tuesday and Thursday :)

I do have a fella and friends, 2 cats and no children or dogs (although I will happily play with and hype up any one else's child or dog for them). 

That's pretty much me, and now I don't have to keep going on about myself but I feel like you know me a bit better and can decide if my next post is worth reading.


Thank you for reading my first ever blog :)

Terri x



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