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This International Women's Day, I decided to offer a complementary Makeover Portrait Session to one inspirational Woman. I asked my Facebook clients to nominate a friend or family member who inspires them and tell everyone why they are so inspirational. 

The nominations were amazing and it was a great pleasure to read all the motivational comments from women to other women simply acknowledging how much we can inspire each other day to day. Some women were over coming great personal issues while still providing love and support to the people around them, to me that is true inspiration. 

It was such a difficult task to try and choose someone from the wonderful messages, and eventually I had to enrol some help! This person will remain nameless as they also failed to be able to choose someone. After sleeping on it and eventually just following my heart I selected Kerry Palmer from Stanley. 


I have to say it was a wonderful feeling to be ale to give Kerry the news and she was so excited :) Kerry had been nominated by her friend and a previous client of mine, Faye so Thank you to Faye for her nomination and the wonderful message she had for Kerry. Kerry has had a roller coaster few years battling illness and also dealing with personal problems and all the complications which come with having to leave work and heal. Faye said how much Kerry has supported her and her other friends around her through it all and she has been a positive and motivation role model for them even when times have been hard for her. With such a deserving lady and I set about making all the preparations to pamper her.


Tara Shenton came along to provide her hair and Makeup services and Faye joined us for the shoot for a bit of moral support, but I don't think it was needed we had a great time. Tara did a stunning job of Kerry's Makeover and the clothes were kept simple but glamourous in a monochrome scheme, we even persuaded Kerry to do a little Boudoir posing, which Kerry has decided to keep for her eyes only, and she looks amazing. 


My favourite part was when Kerry's Mum came in asking for her and didn't even realise Kerry was right in front of her! 


I hope Kerry enjoyed her session as much as I did and I really hope she loves her pictures and the whole experience will give her a little lift, a bit of a boost and the motivation to keep on inspiring the people around her. 



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Face of an Angel http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/4/face-of-an-angel Florence Bailey-23Florence Bailey-23


One of my regular Clients is Child Talent Agency and Management company Alphabet Kidz, each month I get to photograph portfolio updates for the talents on their books. The "Kidz" I photograph range from 4 to 18 and its an absolute pleasure. 

I love being able to offer this service and I even get to watch the children's careers develop. Many are very naturally gifted in many ways and it's great that they are able to express themselves, with such confidence, at a young age. Alphabet Kidz are a great agency too because they only represent children who really want to pursue this kind of career for themselves. 


The children are all beautiful in many different ways, but one little girl I photographed recently was a very special little girl. Florence Bailey is 7 years old and as her mother works in the creative industry has always been in front of the camera. She has a beautiful face, like a little angel but don't be deceived, this is not just skin deep, Florence is one sassy, witty and confident young lady who commanded my studio in less than 30 seconds! 

People often think modelling is "easy" or all you have to do is look nice for the camera, but that is not true at all, the best models are natural and emotive for the camera, they bring an energy which transcends the lens and makes you feel something. I think Flornce has these qualities in abundance and it was a pleasure to photograph her, I know she is moving onto brilliant things. 

I have only used a simple 2 light system here to capture these simple but beautiful images of her, and I she is such a little treasure I wanted to share some of her images with you all. 


I hope you like them 


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Boys can do Boudoir too! http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/4/boys-can-do-boudoir-too Boys can do Boudoir too!

TLSPhoto-Simon-35 copyMale Boudoir image by Terri Lee-Shield at tlsportaits


Over the past few years more and more ladies have bared all an braved their Boudoir portrait session to capture their sensual side and create beautiful works of art for themselves in the process. The quality of Boudoir photography for ladies is getting so good these days the boys are starting to get jealous!

It may come down to the primal Mars vs Venus instinct in the males, that driving force of "whatever you can do I can do better!" So brace yourself ladies... you have some competition!

Here's Simon doing it for the Boys, and the girls ;) I think he proves brilliantly that Boudoir Photography should not be restricted to the Ladies.

I get many reasons given to me as to why men book Boudoir sessions, sometimes for their partners as a git or surprise, sometimes it's just for themselves, and why not enjoy your body while you have it. Whatever the reason for this trend, I love it and it's great to see men celebrating their bodies too, and showing their sensual side. 


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Hazel's Portfolio Update http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/4/hazels-portfolio-update Hazel's Portfolio Update

Hazel -TLSPhoto-19Portfolio update image by Terri Lee-Shield Photography

As with any occupation some days go a little better than others, and being a photographer is no different, we have good days at the office and not so good. Luckily most of my days at work are great and some sessions you seem to enjoy more than others for one reason or another. 

I recently had a portfolio update session with Hazel Forrest with Tyne Tees Models and Makeup by Sophie Dobson and it was a really great day at the office!

Hazel has a wonderful energy, and I can see why she has always worked successfully as a commercial model. There's more than good looks required to make it in the modelling world and Hazel was a real inspiration to work with. When you can connect with a client on a more personal level during a session I think it shines through in the results. 

Sophie is my cousins step daughter and she also happens to be a really talented makeup artist too! I suppose because Sophie and I have known each other for years it was really easy to work together, it was a really creative atmosphere during the session preparation and the makeup was perfect for the looks Hazel needed. 

After speaking with her agent, Hazel had a good idea of exactly the type of images she needed for her portfolio and we set about collaborating to create a great set of images. 

Wishing Hazel all the best with her new Portfolio images. 

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Hayden's 1st Birthday http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/4/haydens-1st-birthday Hayden's 1st birthday Portrait Session

Anna, Amelie & Hayden-TLSPhoto-82Hayden's 1st Birthday

Since my first photography job in 2004 and I have even had the pleasure of photographing thousands of children, some even from bumps in the belly through their childhood. It's an amazingly rewarding part of my job, especially when I get to see some children grow up and capture it for their parents year after year.  

My good friend from school, Anna, first asked me to photograph her daughter Amelie back in 2010 and now 4 years later I get to photograph her family again in celebration of their youngest son, Hayden's 1st birthday. 

I think it is such a great idea to have a family portrait session rather than a party because 1st birthday parties are more for the family to make memories and capture pictures to look at when their little baby is all grown up. Anna's idea of having a special family portrait for Hayden's birthday is just magic. He gets to spend some quality time with his family for his birthday, and she gets to enjoy professional pictures... forever!

Anna wanted natural pictures of the children playing, and I suggested she bring Amelie's favourite toys, dressing up, and Haydens favourite toy, his football and since he had just been bought a new kit for his birthday she also brought it for Hayden to wear. A big helium balloon added a special birthday theme to the images too. 

So, chaos indued with a 1 year old who can crawl faster than a ninja cat and a feisty 6 year old with tons of personality, but I think we managed to get some great pictures from the afternoon and Amelie and I even managed to find wonderland :)

Anna loved the pictures and is happily showing them off to everyone. 

Happy Birthday Hayden!


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The Great Retouching Debate http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/3/the-great-retouching-debate My name is Terri Lee-Shield and I am a professional retoucher!


It seems retouching seems to be a bad word in the photography world at the moment. There is a lot of talk about SOC (straight off camera) images and it seems the consensus is that being able to present a client an image unedited makes you a better photographer. Since I have just confessed, openly to you all, that I am also a professional retoucher, obviously I don't agree. But I do get the point! so I have decided to explore the topic, with you via my blog and offer my opinion on the matter. 


Firstly I think it's important to point out that the digital age has literally made anything possible with regards to imagery, and I think the world is just about starting to grasp the concept, and some people have even gotten angry about it.

OMG you mean the perfect pictures of celebrities and models aren't real?! Shock horror! I mean they are advertising images designed to make you want to buy something usually, of course they aren't 100% real, they are an artistic interpretation of a subject, just like when painters used to paint advertisements... they are hardly ever real life depictions.  

Example of Maybeline makeup advertising in 1920'sWas this model painted with all her imperfections? Modern day Maybelline advertisementShould advertisers be allowed to remove imperfections in images and claim it was the makeup?


My opinion about this is still split however, since I have experience as a consumer, a seller and as an designer. As a consumer it is annoying that advertisers embellish the truth of their product capabilities or appearance, because it seems like a lie, you want to see what you are buying, but as an advertiser it's only natural that you want your product or service to look as appealing as possible and as a designer it's your job to do that! This is where the problem lies. Where is the line? 

Personally I think it is wrong to use a graphically altered image of a mascara and say it was the mascara that caused these beautiful lashes, when it in fact was not. Or editing lines and wrinkles out of a anti-aging cream and and claiming it was the cream when in fact it was bob the retoucher who took away the 20 years!  

But why not make a model's skin look clearer in a fashion advert for a dress? The dress still looks the same, it's the dress being sold, even if the models figure is retouched beyond recognition as long as the dress looks like the dress being sold it isn't a lie, the dress you buy in the shop might not look the same on you as on the model in the advertisement but thats because everyone looks different in all clothes.

I think it's important then that people understand that the image isn't SOC and if kids were taught these basic rules of our society at a young age they it might prevent some of the problems our society has, creating an impossible standard of self image that we have today. 


But what about in the Portrait Photography world...

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to advertise you present SOC images to clients? I don't know because i've never done it! I am very honest on my website that I edit each image individually. I retouch or edit or alter all of my images, pretty much 99%. Sometimes I do manage to get a perfect image SOC but I have processes I use on my images which make them my personal unique style, so they have all been altered. I might also crop the image, change the colours and correct any background distractions and thats even before the retouching. 

Heres the confession again....

My name is Terri Lee-Shield and I am a Professional Retoucher!

Lia Sundin PortraitLia is beautiful! But I have still made some small adjustments and done some slight retouching on this image.

I then retouch my clients images. I remove any spots or scratches, bruises, I smooth the skin, correct the hair if need and I have even been known to do a nip and tuck!

I don't do it to manipulate or lie to my clients, I do it because over the years I have seen how harsh and critical people are about themselves, my clients can be very mean to themselves about how they look and it makes me sad.

I retouch my clients images before they see them to take away the distractions and small imperfections in the picture, so hopefully they can look at themselves and see how beautiful they are. I do it so they can have a confidence boost, so they feel good about themselves. I do it so when they compare the pictures of themselves to the pictures in the magazines it is a fairer fight!

My friend summed up his opinion on the matter perfectly, he said

" Well you're a portrait photographer, so if you were taking a portrait of me I would want you to make me look as good as possible because i'm going to be immortalised forever in that picture." 

So that's what I try and do, make my clients look as good as possible, of course I use all my skills as a photographer to do this with lighting and in camera but afterwards I also use all the advantages that technology gives me to make them good enough to be immortalised forever. 

I think it's pretty amazing to get a perfect image SOC and good on all the photographers out there pushing the quality of images the industry produced based on this principle. But each photographer is an artist and each photographer should be able to use whatever skills they want in their art. Lets face it, the clients are going to choose based on the results they like...


I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Terri x

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Time Travelling http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/2/time-travelling Time Travelling

My boyfriend is really into space exploration, physics and the universe, he loves learning about theories of time and space and we sit through hours of documentaries that are trying to teach us about things we find very difficult to comprehend! 

Watching all these documentaries and learning about all these different theories of what the universe is and how time works my brain tries to understand them using things i know, and for me one of those ways is relating things to Photography, something I know pretty well. 

Some of these theories actually blow my mind and I can't really understand them yet... but others I can seem to grasp using my knowledge and relating this to photography. 

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about time travel and a theory I heard about how time travel is relevant to how we perceive it, and how stock motion photography has allowed us to see the world at different rates and see things (like plants growing or stars moving) in our time frame, at our viewing speed, so we can see they exist just as we do but just at a much slower time frame than us. And the same theory applies to if you speed up a moving image or stock motion of our society, the only image you see is the image of the buildings slowly changing, we can appreciate it's existence. 

.... and something totally unrelated but eventually connected....

‚ÄčI also watched a Ted Talk by Carl Honore about how our society is obsessed with speed and a new movement has emerged to encourage people to slow down. It started me thinking about why photography is so important to us these days. We all spend so much time doing "things" working and keeping busy, being able to literally stop time for a moment is a relief, and I think a photograph does that. 

...and it hit me!


Let me explain. I Love Photography and one of the reasons I love it is because I can capture a moment in time, a specific instant, expression, mood or feeling, look and ultimately image that has never existed before and never will again. The magic is that somehow my camera and I managed to capture it and keep it forever... it become a constant, something that can expand time. A photograph can survive longer than we can and now with the digital age can live forever (or at least as long as computer and the internet do!) so therefore an image can travel through time.

Perhaps I sound mad, but it is the best way I can explain the magic that is photography and why I enjoy so much being a photographer. I may not be the tool that can create this magic (my camera) but I hopefully I can be a really good magician, to capture and deliver the magic with style and hopefully in the future someone can experience that same moment again with me... That thought is pretty exciting!

IMG_6370Travelling through time :)My Sister and I posing with our new beautiful summer sun hats!

So using that thought I decided to do a bit of time travelling and found some great old pictures that really cheered me up. Here's one that made me chuckle!


I'm not sure why I decided to post today about this idea I've been having but I hope it maybe encourages you to time travel for a while and look through some old pictures today, it might make you smile :)


Terri x



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Losing My Photography Blog Virginity http://tlsportraits.co.uk/blog/2015/2/losing-my-photography-blog-virginity Hi!

This is a little strange, i'm going to be honest, I'm talking to someone, but I don't know who? And you don't know me at all so why would you want to read my photography blog?

Although I it's a little strange talking about myself I would like to share my photography work and also my ideas and even (dare I say it) experience with you  and since it's only polite when being introduced to someone new, I will tell you a bit about myself and then you can decide if you're interested in what I have to say :)

My Professional Introduction...

I grew up in Consett in County Durham and decided aged 12 after a careers interview I was going to be a Graphic Designer and live in London. I managed to graduate from a Surrey Art Institute at 20 as a Graphic Designer and set out becoming a Photographer :)

I worked in a couple of portraits studios for 3 years, training and learning studio lighting by photographing hundreds of people. I decided to move into Freelance Photography after a few years so I could combine my Graphic Design training with my Photography and It went pretty well :) 

I opened a studio base in South London and I photographed mainly editorial, fashion, beauty and commercial work exploring my strengths and style, working with some really talented creative people along the way. Alongside my commercial work I have always photographed portraits of families and children too, it's too much fun not too.  

In 2010 I was offered an amazing opportunity to work and photograph in the Phillippines where I stayed for 2 months before living and working in Bangkok for a month and coming back to London. It was a life changing experience for me, and as remembering this place always inspires me I will share a favourite picture from Cebu with you which was my view from my desk at work. 

The ViewThe view from my office in Mactan, Cebu... this view changed my life!


Three years ago I gave up the bright lights of London and moved back to Consett looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, and I love it being back home (which I never thought I would say in my London days!) but the peace and landscapes here are inspiring and I still manage work in London regularly so I don't miss it too much. 


So what now...

Now i'm 31 and have been a Photographer for 10 years! I think i've managed to figure out what I'm doing so I've opened a studio in Consett. It happened in a magical chain of events involving a Loch, some Cullen Skink and a series of significant conversations (which I might share in more detail another day). I started the studio in December 2014 and have spent 2 months making improvements... This stage is finished and I've started photographing clients there. 


My Personal Introduction...

Being a "private" person this seems the hard part, but really i'm not that private at all when I meet you I'm just a bit shy over the internet :)

I don't class my photography as "work" but it is how I make a living and i'm very grateful thats the case! Sometimes having to do the books and admin and I feel the burn :S I LOVE being a photographer and all the experiences I have and people I meet. 

When I'm not "working" I do a bit of walking or driving around the area and taking in the landscapes, I adore the beautiful sunsets Consett has. I try to make time to home cook and my nutrition is important to me, although it's all about balance isn't it ;) a little bit of cake can't hurt. Lately I have started painting and I find it really relaxing, I'd recommend it if you're that way inclined and I have also been learning a lot about gardening due to my lovely, but large, garden and it turns out that it's fun, and actually exciting at times (I am 31 and not retired I promise).  

Twice a week I volunteer as a trainee spiritual healer and I am completing a H1 training course involving 15,000 words! (I can explain this later too). I also volunteer as part of the management committee at Blackhill Club three times a week, you'll find me selling Bingo tickets on a Tuesday and Thursday :)

I do have a fella and friends, 2 cats and no children or dogs (although I will happily play with and hype up any one else's child or dog for them). 

That's pretty much me, and now I don't have to keep going on about myself but I feel like you know me a bit better and can decide if my next post is worth reading.


Thank you for reading my first ever blog :)

Terri x


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